Hello everyone.

I am trying to install a kinect one on a mac to make it workey on myrobotlab.

I have a few questions.

Does someone knows how to do it?

Does installing libfreenect2 is enough?

Thank you, for your time!



6 years 2 months ago


Kinect and MRL works on MAC OSX MRL

Download SimpleOpenNI


Open folder

Copy file (libSimpleOpenNI.jnilib) from folder SimpleOpenNI/library in MRL(your folder)/libraries/native

Copy folder (NiTE2 and osx) from folder SimpleOpenNI/library in MRL(your folder)/libraries/native

Copy file (SimpleOpenNI.jar) from folder SimpleOpenNI/library in MRL(your folder)/libraries/jar

And it goes

greeting xmike




Hello xmike and thank you a lot for your answer! 

Isn't it the tutorial for the kinect v1? Otherwise i succeeded to make work the kinect v2 on mac.   It is quiet the setup...

I did not really took note of how i did it but i can say that you have to:

install libfreenect2 with openni2 and install "libfreenect2-openni2.0.dylib" in the right place.      it is probably : libraries\native\osx\OpenNI\Drivers\


Otherwise here are the link that helped me:











Also note that the value from the kinect v2 are unstable and less reliable than the one from the kinect v2 on mac at least. It is probably due to the drivers?