Can I use the Ryan.exe from Acapella with "Myrobotlab"?

I purchases the Ryan voice for $35. Is there a way to import a text to speech voice into MRL?

I also bought the "textaloud" program.


5 years 9 months ago

so. the easiest way to do it is to create a service that will run the command for you.  If your service implements the interface "SpeechSynthesis" then it should just work.

The interface is defined here:…


This could also probably be done by impelementing some python methods and registering for the proper callback methods.  ( publishStartSpeaking, publishEndSpeaking, speak , speakBlocking, onRequestConfirmation , etc...)


It'd be nice to have a gneric speech service that could run a system command to produce the speech... Maybe this would be the start of it ?