Is it possible to make a path file for myrobotlab.log ?

I would like to put this in the ramdisk.

And, what's about MicrosoftSpeech ?



6 years 7 months ago

Hello Dom,

  • if you are concerned about the speed of logging, or logging slowing down you mrl, you can reduce or completely stop logging.   Logging behaves like typical Java (log4j & slf4j) logging, so you can set the level and it can drastically change the amount of logging going on

    The following are the different levels (or the ones we support) :

    By default mrl runs at INFO level.  Setting to WARN level will significantly reduce the amount of logging.  I'd recommend it if your looking to speed things up.

    You can set the log level with the Runtime.
    Runtime.setLogLevel("WARN") in Python should work

    This also can be set in the gui or completely disabled 
      runtime -> logging -> DISABLED


  • As for the Microsoft I removed the dependency line from getMetaData.
    I thought it was a pull request at one point.
    Jampal looks to be a very well written Java application, it has the capability to play mp3 files at the command line.   MRL can already play mp3 files, it uses javazoom library.  This is how the AudioFile service plays mp3s.  And most of the Speech services use AudioFile service to cache their mp3 files.

    Other speech services - generate or download an mp3 and play it "in process" of myrobotlab all in the same process. Your MicrosoftSpeech forks a new process with a batch file to spawn another Java process.   I can see 2 ways to improve this.

    #1 Find a MicrosoftSpeech API which is more direct for Java and
    #2 Put it together so that it works without 'extra' instructions for the widest number of platforms available and the minimal amount of new dependencies.

Hi, thank you Grog.

I think you don't understand my question.

My question is: Is it possible to put myrobotlab.log in another place ? another directory ? for example E:/



I do - previously you couldn't ...
I looked at the logging an there were several things which needed refactoring ..

I "believe" I just added that functionality,

Runtime.setLogFile('/complete/path/to/logfile/myrobotlab.log')  in Python ..

tested locally on Linux only ..

let me know if it works - you need the latest buid on develop branch..

OK thank you. 

but, i used MRL 1803 with MrlComm 41, so i think is doesn't work.

So why i don't used the last build ? Because all serial port on the arduino mega doesn't works.

On my bots, i used only one mega and all serial com port.

OK for ressources files...sorry.

I make some change for MicrosoftSpeech.java, i speak with steeve tu put my new java file.

Could you build MRL with my new file ? thank you.