Just installed build 2023 (latest) to try testing with it.  I was looking for MrlComm.ino and friends to upload to the Arduino, but that used to be present in the resource/Arduino/MrlComm directory but there is no resources directory in teh 2023 installation either on Linux or Win10.  And a search of the directory tree for 2023 doesn't yield anything.


Was this an accidental omission?  I'm using the version from build 1.0.2020 which was the newest I had before downloading 2023 and at least for the servo service that one appears to be working.


I also was finally able to get things installed on a Win10 64 bit box for testing, so we will see how it works there.







6 years 8 months ago

the resources directory need to be extract from the .jar to be 'seen'. Some service like the WebGui are extracting the resources. The WebGui have been removed from launching by default. So right now there is probably nothing that extract the resource at first launch.

Try starting the WebGui service or you can also use the Arduino service to upload MrlComm.ino to the arduino