i try to control the finger starter,but there is no arduino scrips under the arduino tab of myrobotlab GUI. the arduino hardware and the servo is connected well and the servo can controlled under the servo tab.  i need your help, thank you.


6 years 10 months ago

Scripts in MRL are made in Python and can be edited and executed in the python tab.



6 years 10 months ago

Not sure if this is what you wanted but :

The "latest build" is accessable 


There was some problems with it previously.. 

Currently, if you set your arduino path correctly to where you have the Arduino IDE, you can press the "open in Arduino ide" button and it will load all the files.

This will extract the MrlComm.ino and library files to resource/Arduino/MRLComm and load them into the Arduino IDE

additionally upload works if you set the correct parameters - although I would recommend the IDE for uploading. Hope this helps.