Hi All, I'm sure this is a standard issue but I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a solution. I use an Arduino Mega and have successfully used it to learn the basics of Python, LED, motors, servo's etc. I wanted to use MRL spefically to power Inmmov. I have downloaded MRL and followed all the instructions I can. Whatever version of MRL jar I use I always seem to have the same issue.

When I aunch MRL, I installed all the services, then added a new Aruin service, named it and Two new 'tabs' were created but no srcript, I never see the screen with he Python script in, is there ay reason I seem to see a diffferent sceen than everyone else. Thanks

Hi Gael, Thank you for your prompt response, got that script in the right place now and the Arduino is responding to voice commands, all seems well. However I ahve my servo connected to the Mega via PIN3 and although the Arduino is responding the servo will not move. Is there anything I need to send to the Arduino, I've uploaded the MRL .ino script successfully if that helps. Loving the Inmoov project and learning alot too. Many Thanks