I would like to know if it is possible to add libraries to python in myrobotlab.

Example: the feedparser library and the Snap7 library.

If possible, could someone give me the procedure for installation

System: Windows 7

Myrobotlab 1.0.1758 Lamiak


Thank you in advance for your help




J’aimerai savoir si il est possible d’ajouter des librairie au python dans myrobotlab.

Exemple : la librairie feedparser  et la librairie Snap7.

Si cela est possible quelqu’un pourrait-il me donner la procédure pour l’installation

Système : Windows 10

Myrobotlab 1.0.1758 Lamiak

Merci d’avance pour votre aide


6 years 2 months ago

Salut Steve !

My knowlegdes about mrl source code are limited but I think you can use eclipse to add libraries ( libraries they can't be imported in python because they doesn't exist in repo )  . Or ask someone to add this for you.

Is it right guys ?


6 years 2 months ago

Hello and Welcome Steveh110

If this is the Snap 7 libraries you are referring to - http://snap7.sourceforge.net/ 

I would recommned taking their 7 MOKA  Java libraries and dumping them in the {MyRobotLab Install Directory}/libraries/jar  directory and restart myrobotlab.  After that you should have full access to their libraries through Python

Hi GroG

Yes it is of the Snap7 library that I want to install. But I really do not know how. Which files to put in the libraries / jar folder


Salut GroG

Oui c'est bien de la librairie Snap7 que je voudrai installer. Mais je ne sais vraiment pas comment. Quels fichiers placer dans le dossier bibliothèques / jar

Hi GroG
A big thank you, it works perfectly.
Never will I have found all alone. I was looking for something much more complicated
Once again thank you


Salut GroG
Un grand merci, ça marche parfaitement.
Jamais je n’aurai trouvé tous seul. Je cherchais quelque chose de bien plus compliqué
Encore une fois merci


6 years 2 months ago

Would like to see what you do with the PLC

MRL has been in encorporated into a couple factory applications.
One has been a Pick-To-Light warehousing system.

Hi friends
I use an S7-300 CPU for home automation (heating, watering, lighting, closing stones).
And I want to be able to control and receive system information on my Inmoov


Salut les amis
J’utilise une CPU S7-300 pour la domotique de ma maison ( chauffage, arrosage, éclairage, fermeture des stors).
Et je veux pouvoir commander et recevoir des informations du système sur mon Inmoov