I am new to my robotlab and I am building an Inmoov with my soon.

I have looked at the Inmoov chat bot and they all seam to use Chrome because of the microphone.

This is enoying because it will not work without an internet connexion. 

Are they anyway to use some other service ?



6 years 10 months ago

Hi ! about what I know you have sphinx service , I think it is offline.

If you want to use google algo voice recognition I think you can work with an android phone ( the skd can works offline ) . And redirect recognition to mrl api

Yup,  Moz4r is right, Sphinx is speech recognition that does not require an internet connection.  However, it only works with english and you need to specify all of the words that it will recognize as  a "grammar".  

The Sphinx service was originally used with InMoov.

Thank you both for your  quick replies

I have been browsing the code in pyrobotlab but I could not find any script that does not start a web browser so I was assuming that none of them were doing offline speech regnition.

Regarding  the langage I would like to use french as it would be easier to interact with the rest of the familly so I might have a go at reusing your rachel bot if you don't mind.

The other reason I would like to do offline speech recognition is that I have some great concerns talking to a web browser with a computer connected to the internet!!



6 years 10 months ago

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Hi Boris

The WebKitSpeechRecognition ( Speech-to-text) and AcapelaSpeech ( Text-to-speech) both require an internet connection to work.

The alternative is to use Sphinx ( Speech-to-text) and MarySpeech ( Text-to-speech). They can be used without any Internet connection.

When you start the WebGui service, it will start two parts. One is a webserver that is part of MRL and the other is the browser. It will start your default browser. The browser just connects to MRL, not to any service on the Internet.

If you want to start the WebGui service without starting the browser you cand find an example of that here:


The first part of the script starts the WebGui service without starting any browser.

The second part of the script starts tho tabs in the browser with only the webgui for Servo1 and Servo2

If you start mrl like this:

java -jar nyrobotlab.jar

the default is that it starts the WebGui service and a browser.

That behaviour can be changed by using some start parameters.

For example:

java -jar myrobotlab.jar -service log Log gui GUIService python Python

will start MRL without starting the webgui