The shiffman videos reminded me of the kinect sitting idle in the center of my InMoov.

I have tried to follow his examples on my PC and had some troubles making the kinect work again (driver issues) and make it run on my PC (his examples are shown on a mac) and finally succeeded with it.

Now I wonder wether I could run the power hungry image and depht analysis on my PC with Processing and send specific move commands to my bot where I run MRL on a ubuntu/odroid device.

Or does this scenario not make sense and it would be better to have a fast windows laptop as the MRL machine? And how could I combine Processing with MRL?


7 years ago

Hi Juerg

I'm on thin ice here, but I think it should be possible to communicate between Processing and MRL using the REST API. I have never tried it myself, but I found a little documentation in MRL and some in Processing.

MRL REST API documentation:

Using the REST API from Processing.…

So you would have the MRL WebGui service executing on the odroid ( + other services ) and Processing in the PC. Processing would handle the Kinect and send commands like servo.moveTo() to the MRL instance.

I think it would be very interesting to test this method to communicate with MRL, since it could possibly be a good path for other external languages like Processing or native Python to communicate with MRL. 


Hi Mats

Thanks a lot for your answer. Looks like a lot to read and learn but I will try hard to avoid the costs of a new laptop.

The second link you provided does not work, maybe I can find another source for this.

Hi Juerg

Just to give a simple example of how to use the REST API. Turn on your speaker then try this:

1. Start MRL.

2. Start WebGui ( if it's not started automatically ).

3, Start an AcapelaSpeech service and name it Speech

4. In the browser window type this command, or simply klick this link.


Tada... Bells and wistles.... You have now called the speakBlocking method in the Speech service with the parameter "Hi Juerg"

And you can do the same thing with any service.