I am new to Myrobotlab, this is my first post,

I have install myrobotlab following the instuction, on runnig it everything seems to load ok,

but in voice control i get no movement from the servo. I can upload my log file

Any help? 


7 years 6 months ago

Ahoy and Welcome!  It sounds like you're buidling an InMoov hand, and you want some voice control?

So, let's start by explaining what MyRobotLab is.  

MyRobotLab is really a collection of "services".  Normally people write a python script that starts up and wires these services together to make something happen.

From your no-worky it looks like your using the following script "InMoov3.minimalFingerStarter.py" This script uses "webkit" speech recognition.

Webkit speech is from google and only works in Google Chrome. It seems that you have gotten that to work already because it recognizes when you said open hand, and it replied "ok I open my hand" ...

So, now the question is: Are the servos and arduino attached and connected properly? There is a command there that moves all the servos to the 0 angle. The log messages say that the arduino is receiving the command to move the servos, so from looking at your no worky.. it seems like it was worky..

perhaps you can provide more detail about what isn't worky

Good luck!


7 years 6 months ago

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thanks for replying

i have the servo connected to an audinuo uno R3


3 signal



when i ask it to close finger i can see the lights on the uno flicker, but no movement from the servo

i can move the servo in manual mode,

i can hear the servo 0 on power up.....



You should not power your servo directly from the Arduino, it can provide enough current and it's probably resetting

You need to provide the 5-6v current from a battery or a power supply that can provide enough current

When  you do, all the ground need to be connect together (servo, arduino, battery), the 5v of battery to servo, and the signal of servo to arduino




i have connect a mega now, just to eliminate a faulty board

and tried another servo on different chanels just to see

i have connected up an external battery and i am still get the same thing,

Servo motors can take between 1-2A when they're moving depending on the size/type of servo.  Most USB ports can only provide about 0.5A.  Often, if you only have 1 servo and you move it slowly, you can power it off your standard usb port.  If you have more servos to power, you really need an external power supply for the  servos/motors

Make sure you connect the GROUND between the Arduino ground and your external power supply ground, otherwise you'll end up with noise in your circuit and your servo motors will twitch and shake from time to time.

Good luck!