Run into the problem that both rotate and shoulder servos got very hot after about 10 minutes power on, funnily only on the left side of my InMoov.

Checked the wiring and found no flaw, then thought of a possible malfunctioning poti.

Although I could not detect any shortcuts or damage I replaced it with another one - and hurray - the continuous small adjustions the servos did before went away (on both of the servos). 

Can't really explain why but might be an option if you run into similar problems


6 years 6 months ago

Good to know juerg.  Thanks for sharing :)

I can imagine a Pot's resistive coating - if its not a near 'perfect' layer changing at perfect continuous intervals - then there may be areas where 'less' resistance is where more resistance should be.  And this would make it oscillate, burning energy, and heating up.

Glad you found a cure !