I've got a strange problem with the mouth of sweety . with this python script, all is ok :


And since longtime, the function shiftOut of this script is in sweety.java and worked well. But i've tryed it yesterday and strangely the python script still work, and the function in sweety's service stopped to work :(

I don't know since how many time because i haven't connected sweety since few month . (i didn't need it for write/test wikidatafetcher)

first thing that i thinked is "i've accidently changed the function in java" but no . And when i send a led pattern with sweety's service, i see the tx/rx led blink on the arduino .

So for un unknow reason the arduino seem to not execute the shiftOut when sweety's other services running .

Any idea ?

here is the shiftOut function in sweety.jar :


private void myShiftOut(String value) {
        arduino.digitalWrite(LATCH, 0); // Stop the copy
        for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) { // Store the data
            if (value.charAt(i) == '1') {
                arduino.digitalWrite(DATA, 1);
            } else {
                arduino.digitalWrite(DATA, 0);
            arduino.digitalWrite(SHIFT, 1);
            arduino.digitalWrite(SHIFT, 0);
        arduino.digitalWrite(LATCH, 1); // copy




thx :D


7 years 7 months ago

Probably relate to communication problems many experience recently.  So the problem is probably not in this code


I finaly found the problem ! that wasn't a code error, but a mistake . I just forgot to set the pins for shiftOut as OUTPUT !

that work now :D