tring to compile my robot lab in eclipse and Iam not getting all the services-Iam tring to use speech rec and programAB with marySpeech or freetts.  Needless to say with no forward progress new to java.  I tried ant and keeping getting an error about not finding git even though i installed it


6 years 11 months ago

Hi and welcome Mike ! :) you want to use MyRobotLab or Develop with MyRobotLab source code?

Here is where and how to start in both directions :

Let us know and change your avatar :) you are no longer a scared gopher :)


I would like to eventually develop but right now Iam just tring to get MarySpeech or Freetts to work with ProgramAB Freetts gives me no kevin16 voice and Iam don't know what Iam doing wrong with Mary and thanks abunch


6 years 11 months ago

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Hi Mike,  It's great that you're starting down the road of developing with java and MyRobotLab.

I suppose that it all starts with checking out the two projects that you need to run MRL in eclipse

1. MyRobotLab

From the command line (assuming you have Git installed and it's in your "PATH") 

"git clone"

"cd myrobotlab"

"git checkout develop"

2. Repo

"git clone"

"cd repo"

"git checkout develop"

You will need to load both projects into eclipse and specify that the "java build path" of the "myrobotlab" project depends on the "repo" project.

Additionally,  I recommend using the develop branch,  the master branch has become stale.

hope this helps get you closer to being able to run the "" class to launch MRL in eclipse.



6 years 11 months ago

I don't think FreeTTS is very worky right now.

But AcapellaSpeech is (as far as I know).

There is currently some work that is being done on MarySpeech.

Otherwise, look at kwatter's post.

got maryspeech to finally work slowly learning the setup for this software getting my printer soon to start printing my inmoov I hope that I can contribute to this project.  The people here have been extremely helpfull and nice something I didn't get from some of the people at another website