I have a wireless XBOX reciever plugged into a raspberry pi 2, in a terminal window I can run "sudo xboxdrv" and get a good connection with the controller and read the buttons perfectly, but when I run "joystick" in MRL I do not see any controllers listed in the drop down.

I am very new to linux but so far 95% of the problems I have had have been related to permissions so i have to assume this will be no different. Anythoughts on were I need to start looking? What account does MRL or Joystick use to gain access ot the USB connected Xbox reciever? 

Thanks in advance for you help.. I am really enjoying worlking on my projects with MRL. 


8 years 1 month ago

Ahoy brotherbrown,

Do you have a device named - /dev/input/js0  

I saw this in reference to xbox game controllers in linux...

Brute force way to see or verify the name of the controller is to  ls /dev   before and after you plug the device in.

Like most applications MRL runs using the permissions of the account which started it.  When I start working on a Linux box I don't like to sudo everything .. so I'll login as root..  when things are built, or in a state where it doesn't need root access out I'll change accounts.

With help from the folks here I was able to solve my issue. In case anyone else runs into similar issues, all I had to do was the rollowing

from terminal:

sudo rmmod xpad

sudo xboxdrv

then run MRL as sudo 

one step closer!