Using Gael's "minimal" script and trying to add things.

rightPort = "COM7"
i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")
# starting parts
#to tweak the default voice
#some mappings left out here
# rest-position arm
I get about this far then it tries to open COM7 again? (only have 1 arduino mega attached)
i01_head_rothead = Runtime.getService("i01.head.rothead")
i01_head_neck = Runtime.getService("i01.head.neck")
i01_left = Runtime.getService("i01.left")
connecting to serial device COM7 COM7
Can't understand why I get a call to i01.left and why it tries to connect COM7  again?



8 years 10 months ago

Hi juerg,

not sure .. but my first guess would be ...  The "default" Inmoov (from Gael) has 2 Arduinos - 1 Mega & 1 Uno ..

And the head & left arm are connected to the Mega ... the right is connected to the Uno .. you've switched some of this...

I know harland used an uno, and he told you to try one.

Gael's script is perfect when having it like he has, but for now try hardland his script, and go from there.

That would be my opinion.

Any advice how I could change that in myrobotlab code?

I mean what is a good tool to look into that jar and maybe tweak and rebuild it for my use? 

you don t need to rewrite the jar, but we have to create a script to make your inmoov right and left part to share the same arduino....the script you wrote starts parts in the standard configuration...

in order to share parts we need to create parts first, change pins and then starts them....give us some time to write a script for you....ok?

Hi GroG

I assume you mean a printed, motorized and cabled arm and head? If so, yes. I can also use Gael's minimal script to run arm sequences and I have used InMoovHead to check on all head motors and movements.

I have seen that i01.startHead() expects a port parameter that is why I thought I could switch the control to whatever port / Arduino  I wanted. 

Not too big an issue for me as I can add another Arduino and run head on that.

Anyway - wondered about the code and tried to look into the .jar with Java-Editor - however that gets stuck on opening the .jar.  What other program could I try, eclipse?

thanks, Juerg