Inspired by Markus' wiring I used 3 DVI cables and a "backpack".


7 years 11 months ago

Too cool  thats awesome. A lot of Markus' stuff inspires me. I just have to find time.


All plastic is 3d printed, the adapters and the arduinos have a mold so they fit perfect. A small case takes the adapter on the other side, on the arms it fits great as the box has the same size as the servo. Still fighting with the head, need to re-design some parts. The backpack is attached with some spacers, good to hide some cables. Need to post another pic as I have a USB hub at the bottom of the backpack. So one USB cable rulez them all! On/off switch and a socket (takes battery or ac/dc adapter) AND FUSES!!! included. Running on 7.5A fuses as a 5A already blew up.

Was worried a bit about the DVI cables but worky worky great. And lots of extra free pins! Sensor me baby!

The missing pics:


7 years 11 months ago

Digital voltage display with centronix power interconnect and bad-ass blue LED mood lighting !!

That is steaming hot MB ! :)


7 years 11 months ago

I don't know about the details of shielding etc of a DVI cable .. but video shielding is typically pretty important.  Video display manufactures don't want you sending their products back just because the cable causes a 60Hz wave to cycle and distort their screen :)

Network cable is a bunch of twisted pair (often with shielding on top of that) for that reason .. low current but very important to keep a clean signal !

I've never seen DVI to screw terminal .. but for all the engineers I would like to bitch slap for one reason or another .. I would like to genuflect and kowtow to the engineer that came up with the DVI-screw terminal interconnect !

We are no where close to the synaptic level ... but damn that's a nice interface :)