hi guys

this is an idea targeted for Indian cities where traffic rules are taken lightly and we have accidents of  200 major and 500-600 minor accidents per 1000 cars.


i have explained much of idea in my ppt as i cant explain in short!!!!!!!




Smart transportation is actually predicting the traffic density in advance form information gathered from camera, phone’s GPS, tolls, fares etc.

This system integrates the data from all the above devices and notifies and provides the best available options to end user i.e. commuters is the main goal. This system being a real time monitoring system and works on the principle of artificial intelligence thus the system adjusts traffic system according to ground conditions. Smart transportation models have seen actually 40% less waiting times at signals and 20% decrease in overall journey.

In this system the traffic signals are networked in such a way that if during rush hour one main road link senses heavy traffic it asks other junctions to make place for the incoming heavy traffic and thus the waiting times are reduced and care is taken to avoid jams at junctions.


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Great Project Nish !
Thanks for sharing - you might consider to experiment without your own cameras - but with existing traffic cameras ..

There are many and some of them will show what issues you need to contend with ..

For example here are many live traffic cameras where I live ..


Here are some of the challenges
There frame rate is only about 1 frame per minute. The camera is not necessarily set up with optimal view. Light changes through out the day. But if you think about it - anyone can look at a picture and say if there is a lot of traffic or there is little traffic .. so a OpenCV filter should be able to do the same...