Why is the Mindwave service missing from my MRL?

How do I add it?


9 years 1 month ago

Alessandruino and I looked into the details of the "MindWave" - I felt it was pretty bogus hardware.  There are much better Myo sensors - like this - https://www.thalmic.com/en/myo/  

So interest has waned .. do you have a MindWave ?

Hey Grog,

Thanks for the reply.

When I first started looking over MRL, I saw the listing for the Mindwave on the services page & remembered that I had bought one several years ago.  I located the unit in my stash & made sure it was working.  When I went to try it out in MRL, I found the service was not listed in the software.

I take that it is not in the current revision of MRL even though it is still listed on the website?

It's a shame, several other hacks looked promising.

I even found a python script for accessing the unit.

Thanks again for the reply.