So the current install guide: is a little out of date. There's no to be found, and from what I've been able to gather it's no longer required. I have java installed, but nothing in the downloads section: does anything when I run it. The myrobotlab.bat sets up some PATH envars to folders that don't exist, and nothing happens. If I run java instead of javaw, I get "Error: Could not find or load main class libraries.jar.jgraphx.jar" in console.

What am I missing? I'm trying to get something up and running that will allow me to play with HSV sliders for an opencv filter I'm working on, rather than having to recompile every time I want to tweak a threshold value.




10 years 6 months ago

Hello Travis,

Yes, your right the instructions are out of date.  
Here are the current steps :

  • Download the latest myrobotlab, at this time
  • Unzip it in a directory, 
  • Double clicking on myrobotlab.bat - gives me the following gui

This is on a 32 bit windows XP laptop.

The "non-existent" directories are folder which will contain native binaries if a service or component is downloaded which needs them.

Initially starting myrobotlab should not require anything from these folders:

It is critical that libraries/jars exists


start javaw -Djava.library.path="libraries/native/;libraries/native/"  -cp "libraries/jar/*" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -service gui GUIService -logLevel DEBUG 
There should be the following jar files in this directory :
If thats not the case then something went wrong in the unzipping / extraction part...
Please let me know any other details, like Operating System, Bitness, Processor Type, Java JVM version, etc...



10 years 6 months ago

I'm running Windows 7 64bit, service pack 1.

My processor is an i5-2500K.

I used the latest java installer from here:

C:\Users\tjhowse>java -showversion
java version "1.7.0_04"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_04-b22)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 23.0-b21, mixed mode, sharing)

I did the exact same thing in a winxp 32b sp3 virtual machine and got the same result.

I changed the -cp argument to "\libraries\jar\*", because windows uses backslashes for file paths, and I got:

"Error: Could not find or load main class org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime"

instead of the previous error about not being able to find jgraphx.jar.

Thanks for the prompt help,




Looking at


It looks like Java 7 + Windows did (yet another) botch job on wildcard expansion :P

I don't think the backward slash is helping - in fact it looks like it causes more troubles.

Try this - as the article suggests...

start javaw -Djava.library.path="libraries/native/;libraries/native/"  -cp "libraries/jar/*;" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -service gui GUIService -logLevel DEBUG 

which is simply the addition of a semi-colon



10 years 6 months ago

Just so you know, these should be the following steps (after getting it to start) to get OpenCV running...

You'll need to install it from the Runtime GUI Service list...

It will attempt to download & install the latest from the repo

You'll have to restart

You'll have to start a named instance of OpenCV

Hit the capture button (this is with a pyramid down filter) and hopefully you won't see this scary guy ! :P

I'm a little concerned about the Win7 64 bit...  My hardware is old and crappy in comparison, so I have not tested on the latest and greatest....


10 years 6 months ago

Thanks a heap! I've now got my PS3 eye showing up inside myrobotlab, and I'm throwing some filters on it.

I tested adding the semicolon to my winxp 32b sp3 virtual machine and it started working too, so I'm not sure if the issue is specific to win7. Perhaps a newer version of JVM?



Excellent !!  I'm sure your right - its a JVM update..

Thank you, I'll add the semi-colon to the 2 bat files...  Appreciate your testing - BTW there are filters which will make MRL explode.  If/when you run into those conditions let me know so I can fix it up..  I was going to look into refactoring the OpenCV & Kinect code, when I get done with the Arduino stuff..