I was wondering if the camera orientation for my inmoov robot matters because I am using a ps3 eye with the case taken off but it is still a bit too wide to comfortably fit inside the inmoov's head. Will turning the ps3 eye camera 90 degrees so that it is vertical affect the tracking/open cv etc. while running it? or do i have to orient the camera in the normal landscape position? Or is there some way to filp the video streaming 90 degrees so that even when i put the camera vertically it shows up normal on the opencv gui?


9 years 1 month ago

or should i just use an entirely different (and smaller) camera altogether so that it fits nicely iside the head?

There is a rotation filter in opencv...so orientation isn't a matter.... The real matter is ps3eye is not well supported in MRL (yet)... Using a "normal" webcam would be better in  order to make it work "out of the box"...

For example i have a ps3eye but currently it doesn't work in opencv on my windows 7 computer...

I don't know if you've printed eye mechanism already, but i did and a normal webcam fit good...i don't think ps3eye will fit with eye mechanism..