Hey guys, been making some progress lately wit the InMoov robot here, but when I load the minimal.py script from the inmoov download tab into MRL and run it, the java says that it is sending signals to the arduino to move the servos, but the sevos do not move. Even weirder is that when i go in the servo gui tabs and move the sliders around, the servos move perfectly fine, but they do not move through the code. I thought it might be something wrong with the servos not being attached but since i can go in the servo gui and move it while running the code i dont think that is the case. Please help, I need to get this working by tuesday for a presentation. Thanks guys!

Hi JCInMoov,

I can tell from the "PortInUseException" in your latest no-worky that YOU HAVE A ZOMBIE !!!  A zombie is a half-alive and half-dead mrl instance.. and it wants the com port all to itself (greedy zombie)

So remember Zombie Rule #2 - Double Tap (after Cardio)

step 1  - Stop all MRL instances 
step 2 - Open the task manager and look for the zombie (will be java.exe)


Start a new instance.


10 years ago

Even when I completely restart my computer and load up the program into a fresh instance of MRL, it still doesn't work. I'll try sending a no-worky after I try loading it into the first instance of MRL right after I boot up my computer. 


10 years ago

I was just doing something wrong with the voice control or something because it woks now. Thanks though!


10 years ago

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Don't let the zombie bother you !


9 years 4 months ago


I just got my right arm attached to MRL and got the InMoov2.minimal script to run (had to cut/paste) and MRL is recognizing my voice commands, about half the time.  

When I tell it to "Open Hand", "Close Hand" or "Rest", the screen shows that it is telling the servos to move, but they don't move and just like JCInMoov's first post, I can go into the tabs and move the servo's using the sliders, so I know the arduino is connected and working.

I even copied the arduino code from MRL, went into the arduino IDE and uploaded it just to make sure, still no change.

I checked for a Zombie as suggested above, but only had one instance of javaw.exe running.  If I close down, start fresh and launch, it still does the same thing.

Any suggestions? JCInMoov you did not post what you did to correct it, any ideas?

Thanks everybody.