I was wondering how hard it is to add new arduino boards to the mrl arduino service.

I am using an UNO right now, but only because I can't use the Modern Device RbbLeo, which is an arduino compatible Leonardo board.

Is this something that's hard to do?


10 years 1 month ago

As far as I know all / any Arduino boards are compatible.

I use a Modern Device's BBB all the time...



10 years 1 month ago

There's not a Leo board listed when I go to the board settings in arduino service.  There is a Leo board listed in my arduino stand alone IDE but not in MRL 

Right .. good point.

MRL interfaces all Arduinos on a serial line, so in that way ... all Arduinos are compatible.

The details of the board are only important regarding the pin definitions - e.g. number of pins, number and location of pin types (e.g. analog, pwm, digital) ..  and these are very trivial to adjust or add a new definition to MRL...

The other important part is upload - Arduino boards have different protocols to upload sketches .. but you can always use the Arduino IDE to upload..

it might take a little tweak or two to get all of the functionality for Leo, but it would be pretty trivial.

Thanks for the welcome GroG!

I've printed all of the head and have all the three main servos working with simple arduino scripts but am now getting to get in to the whole MRL thing. I got the finger sample working in MRL with an adafruit boarduino but would eventually like to move on to larger ARM processors. It looks like the main problem with the Leonardo if the ATmega32u4 processor with the builtin USB support. Definitely seems more complicated than the old dual processor setup. 

Thinking I'd look into implementing the Leonardo support myself, I'm trying to get MRL working on my Fedora 17 box but on there MRL doesn't find either of the Leonardo or the boarduino USB connection.  I'll keep poking at it in my spare time and any help or guidence  you can give will be appreciated.


Its been a while, but on Fedora I've had issues in the past creating the necessaryy LOCK files for the /dev/ttyUSB devices...   In the past the directory structure was always static and created before the device was.  I remember with newer versions of Fedora - it seems the directory structure was dynamic and had to be created - requiring a different group of permissions than just dialout....

Yay Linux .. glad to see another Linux user though o/


10 years 1 month ago

I was able to get my RbbLeo to work after some creative file editing.

Uploads don't work from MRL , but that's fine.