Ok, I have succesfully used MRL on my desktop computer, and now I am trying to get it loaded and running on a netbook that I plan on using MRL with to power my bot. 

I am having a strange problem..  I can get MRL started, after an install of the latest java SDK, but, when I try to add new services i can't, See my screen shot that i have attached. 

I can't seem to get to the services no matter what I do.  I know they are there, because i can right click in that window, and get the install icon and have actually installed a couple.. but I know that this isn't right. 

I have tried all i know to fix it.. any ideas what is going on?

thanks in advance



9 years 5 months ago

Hello Grinanbarrett  !

What your seeing is an issue with the Old GUI and screen resolution - you have a couple of options :

  1. you can increase the screen resolution - and it will look normal again
  2. you can add services programmatically (much more powerful)

    if the service is "installed" with no missing dependencies you can create and start by going to the Python console and typing then running this command

    arduino = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino","Arduino")

    This will create and start an Arduino service named "arduino"

I appreciate the response.   I had figured that out after I posted this.


i will also choose an avatar, because I think you will be seeing a lot of me around here in the future.