We ran the our servos under the basic arduino program and the servos worked without fail, however when we run the MRL software, inmoov specifically, we do not receive any power to our servos. we recently updated the software and no problems arose immediately.

Please get back to us with any info you may have as we are running very low on work time.

Thanks in advance.


10 years 9 months ago

Hello JCInMoov,

What is the unit you are working with?  Right Arm?

What is it you want to do with it ?  What would be sucessful ?

What parts do you have ? What parts are connected ?  

I think it would be trivial if I was there and could "see" your setup, and what you wanted to accomplish - but since that is not the case I need more information.


10 years 9 months ago



Okay. So our school decided to kill the servers do I couldn't get back to you through that means and I've been busy after school but here is an update. 

We were testin the servos for functionality and the battery just stopped feeding them power. They each functioned when we tested with the arduino software itself, but we couldn't figure out the issue as to why there was no power being supplie when we used MRL GUI. We had the servos wired to the arduino UNO boards which were both connected to the laptop and initialized in the MRL software. They were functioning the day before and nothing had been adjusted. We needed up giving up for the day and left it alone. Next day, we came in and started up the software and as soon as we flippe the power switch, it decided to work again. We are dumbfounded. Long story short, it is now functioning again however we changed nothing and have no idea why it wasn't working in the first place. Seems to be a common occurrence for us in this project. 

I typed this from my iPhone so I'm sorry for any miscommunication due to autocorrect. Also thanks for

 Your assistance and readiness to help. If I remember I'll post some more pictures ssoo to show our progress. 

Lots of strange things can happen.  I once spent 3 straight hours trying to debug an issue, only to find out the root cause was a low battery.  I'm glad your not getting too frustrated.  

A few new featues were added to this site. One is that the scripts you see on the Service pages are getting moved into a source repository.  This should add a lot more structure and control of the sample scripts.  Additionally, I have a system here which will begin automated testing of the scripts, which again should add structure and robustness to the releasese and updates.

In order for me to be of more help, can you tell me "what is functioning?"

Also have you gotten tracking to work? -

The Tracking Service page (http://myrobotlab.org/service/tracking) now has 2 scripts in the repo.  These scripts are only compatible with the latest MRL release (or bleeding edge update).

The InMoov script is in serious need of fixing, so is the InMoov service, but I am headed that way soon.