So whats the best way for the Robot to learn iitems via chatbot ?  I notice you can edit some configs to add keywords etc but it seems like I am missing some type of conversations with the chatbox to go through the base questions and it will append the data ?    also is there a way for me to disable the web searching if chatbox doesnt have an answer ? 


4 years 2 months ago

I am not the typicla developer, I stripped it all down and started from scratch and added about 3000 facts and then I wrote JIMMIE which is far more intelligent.  The Chatbot is a nice piece of engineering and I admire it, but I wanted a semantic network.  :-)



4 years 2 months ago


If you are using the InMoov chatbot, the behavior for the learning process will differ with the languages, because we are using different libraries for each language.

Using the English version, you can teach the robot to remember soem things by correcting him:

Human: what is your favorite planet?

Robot: I am not sure about that.

Human: that is not correct (this triggers the learning process)

Robot: okay, you said, what is your favorite planet and I said "I am not sure about that", what should I say instead?

Human: Saturnus is my favorite planet.

Robot: Okay now when you will say "what is your favorite planet?", I will respond "Saturnus is my favorite planet."

There is other ways to teach or correct the robot, but you need to search for them directly in the various aiml files.