Running MRL on my laptop it takes quite some time to start up all the services in MRL.

If my laptop hybernates (w10) the servos and maybe some other stuff too will not work any more after a wake up, so I have to terminate and restart MRL

Could MRL be modified to survive a w10 hybernate and reconnect everything needed?


5 years 6 months ago

The problem with hibernation in windows, most versions, is the exsternal links are disconnected during the shutdown process.

When windows starts back up, the links are not automatically reestablished, windows assumes that the various programs will automatically reconnect at resume, but most programs are unaware of the shutdown.


MRL in one of these programs, as is a dvd player or most networked based applications such as remote desktop.


The solution is to not let windows shut down, but enter a lower power state with the screen off, but the system still running.


Your quite correct,

It would be much easier.

and you can do that from the service tabs of each of the USB connected devices, don't forget to refresh the connection list before you attempt to connect or the connection will fail.

The problem is not that MRL is unable to connect, but the unique ID number used inside the system to represent the USB Serial Device is not always the same for every boot.

A resume from hibernation is after all a re-boot and then a memory reload.

When a system boots up, it has to scan all the removable hardware to see what is still connected so the machine does not crash, (Windows is not that stable), this process does result in new device id's.

When MRL tries to reconnect, it still has the original device ID's, after all, from it's perspective, nothing has change except it can't connect any more.

But a device list re-fresh and then a connect command should work.