some  rss feed script for myrobotlab? I found this script but I do not know what library is added


7 years 7 months ago

There are many connectors in MyRobotLab to connect to various systems.  RSS is one of them!

There is the RSSConnector.  You should have a look. It allows you to fetch the items in an RSS feed and publish them in MyRobotLab.  There is also an ETL pipeline that lets you parse the items in the RSS feed and do many other things with it.

More Info about it here:

and here:

What are you trying to do?


Hi guys ! I Great idea, I will try this script and rssservice to reduce lines of code

@Kwatters it seem service had a little problem , when I start it :

ERROR c.myrobotlab.framework.Service - runtime error NoClassDefFoundError it/sauronsoftware/feed4j/FeedIOException

tested with 1825 and 1835