Hi like a nubie i have no clue on how get the type to speak voice to work in MRL.

Where can i find a tutoral that works with the new version of MRL I know this program is for the better informed

Im just try to learn the program one module at a time any help will be very much aprecheated


8 years 11 months ago

Hello oldfarmhand,

first you need to decide:

- Do you want MRL to speak a given text (text -> speech)

- Or do you want MRL to recognize you speech (speech -> text)

text -> speech:

Speech (-> http://myrobotlab.org/content/speech-0 ): it speaks your text and let's you set a custom voice

speech -> text:

Sphinx (-> http://myrobotlab.org/content/sphinx-0 ): a basic recognizer, at the moment the "standard", no free-form

Voice Recognition on Android (-> http://www.myrobotlab.org/content/voice-recognition-android-programab-m… ): free-form recognition utilizing an Android device (using Google backend)

Voice Recognition in Chrom (-> [ups, couldn't find a link (@kwatters: please add)] ): free-form recognition utilizing the Chrome-browser, will become the new "standard", altough not ready now (, but hopefully soon)


We (normally) have example scripts for every service, if they aren't there, you may just want to ask for them

Good luck on your journey & have fun!

Thank you for the fast response

I have tried to figure out how to write scripts but have no clue.

Thats why I'm trying to find a tutorial for dummies is there one on the internet? I can go to acapela find a voice type in what i want it to say hear it say it but cant figure how to put it on MRL. I'm  just trying to understand how to do it


8 years 11 months ago


To write a script you start MRL. Then select the python tab. There you can write the script.

For example:

Speech = Runtime.create("Speech","Speech")
Speech.speak("Hello world")
However, there is a bug in the version 1.0.119, so you will not get any sound. It will look for an .mp3 file that doesn't exist
You could try to download an older verison of MRL, or play with some other services until there is a new release of MRL. 
Best regards



8 years 11 months ago

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Thanks for the heads up on the speech Mats!  I just looked, and as it turns out. google is returning a terms of service violation page when MRL calls out to it's API for speech synthesis..  So, we'll have to see what/if there's a work around available.  I suspect it will be the same issue with any version of MRL at this point.

Hi im not trying to bother anyone but can someone help me on how to make inmoov program talk.i have copied scripts tried to run them and nothing happens im just trying to run them on my pc i try to run them through MRL i just need someone to take me by the hand just one time and show me how to do it on my pcfrom start to finish just one time.

 all i have is a pc im just trying to make the program work through my pc just make it talk through the speakers on my pc

and i know this is over my head but im just trying to learn

thanks all

Hey oldfarmhand,

I think you're doing nothing wrong, but Google changed their API (and hopefully not locked us out completely).

Kwatters & GroG discovered that ...

With some luck this could still work:



on the speech-service,

it "should" change the speech-backend from Google to another one (thehackettfamily / Acapela-Group).

(& GroG just discovered another great speech-synthesis software!)

Good luck & have fun!,



thank you so much for the reply

now could you tell me how to change the speech services in python
Thats how new i am to it
thanks again