Is possible to change dafault board in inmoov2 scripts to uno and change some pins?



9 years 3 months ago

Everything is possible, but it all depends on what you want to do, and with what you want to do it!

short answer yes, but im answering on my phone, so cant pull up my file.

please tell us as detailed as possible what you want, and what you need, so we can help. Also what version mrl are you using? Earlier version have some different python thinges, so please be detailed and we can help you the best we can!

Currently I have printed inmoov head and torso. Also I have free uno. So I would like to run all possible services for head  base on uno.

I'm using mrl 0.98 or  0107 version
Old scripts doesn't work. New scripts are base on arduino mega. Mrl  looks for  flexible, so I think that will be possible setBoard or setPins in new mrl.

Scripts arent based on mega or uno, but on services, and i tried and used an uno for head and neck. If you use mrl version 1.0.099 and right version of mrlcomm, you could make it work quit easily.

setpin should work, but my python isnt working today, sorry, thats why im on bed using my ipad, so cant show you how i did it. But anyone here can help.


And yes anything can be done with MRL, if a machine has an ic, mrl can control it! (ambassador mode off) 

I uptade mrl to 1.0.99 send new  mrl.comm to uno but setPint doesn't work still.

headPort = "COM15"

i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")


head = i01.startHead(headPort)

headTracking = i01.startHeadTracking("COM15")





9 years 3 months ago

if you check my scooter.v21 py code i used a uno bd. for the head on scooter. code is under downloads at