My Arduino-board doesn´t work with MRL. I tried it with the Arduino software and examples (Servo) - here it work´s. Whta can I do - who can help me?

My board is a ARDUINO Uno and the servos are MG 995.



10 years 5 months ago

Hi Hoelzel

For general information the Tips & Tricks page may be useful -

1. Get the latest MRL

2. Install MRLComm.ino (this only needs to be done once - unless there is a new version) (Do this with the Arduino IDE)

3. Install all necessary service - many people just do  System->update->Install Latest (this will install all services)

4. Use GUI - click on runtime tab - right click Arduino, name it arduino.  right click on servo, name it servo - go to the service tab and attach it to the arduino on a pin - it should slide with the controller - if not - send a no-worky ->