I'm under the inpression. Nice job!

I have trayed to feel project base on InMoov Finger Starter tutorial. I made step by step as tutorial.

I sent sketch to arduino, start python script,  the syntezer recognized command, manual  comand   can control the servo.

Voise command "open hand" "close hand"are recognized correct  but servo didn't move.

what could hapened?  

I used  turnigy TG9g servo. Only this servo I have on hand 


10 years 10 months ago

 I improved my presence (;

New problem ocured - "arduino Uno DFU", so I will need more time to repair this.

I'll send you no-worky a little bit letter.



10 years 10 months ago

A 9g servo might be a bit weak for the finger depending on the friction in your finger joints. Have you tried with the servo plugged into the arduino but not hooked to the finger mechanics?

I send GroG, it "no-worky".

I powered arduino from USB. Note that arduino servo demo are working  and MRLcomm manual mode too.

Only voice comand not turned the servo. 


You are very very close !
I saw from the no-worky - you successfully uploaded the MRLComm.ino into the board ! 
Great !
You only have to upload once.
When you do upload, you have to restart MRL.

Have you restarted and tried again (do no upload MRLComm.ino again)


10 years 10 months ago

Is it working when you say "Manual" ? and then move it manually ? - just when you say voice - it then does not work ?


10 years 10 months ago

I think I found the problem ! 
You've got to confirm that what is says its about to do is correct !  :D

This is how the dialog is supposed to go :

1. You say "Open Hand"
2. MRL asks, "Did you say Open Hand?"
3. You say "Yes"
4. MRL says "Ok" 
5. MRL opens the hand


1. you say "Open Hand"
2. MRL gets it wrong and asks "Did you say manual?"
3. You say "no"
4. MRL says "sorry" and does nothing

Every request is prompted by a confirmation - here is the list of valid confirmations

"yes","correct","yeah","ya"  OR  "no","wrong","nope","nah"

Also, speech recognition is affected by may variables, some of which are speaker's voice, ambient noise, quality of microphone, and other factors - keep this in mind as you try it.
Good Luck :)


10 years 10 months ago

In reply to by GroG

Hurrah,is working !!!  perfect!
Sorry, for my incomprehension and thanks you for help.


10 years 10 months ago

Well done Grog!

Not easy to detect a problem like that across the planet!