I'm using Inmoov2 version 1.1.701 to test my hand servos.There is a GREEN bar and a BLUE bar that adjusts the 'input' and 'output lock (?)'.  I understand the orange 'rest' bars purpose but I don't understand the relationship between the input and output setpoints. Will you describe how to use these setpoints as a unit --- perhaps a finger example?


2 years ago

Hi Jim,
The Servo can "map" values.
If you change the mappings input will create different output.
Small input can generate very large output, for example
if input is 0-20
and output is 0-180
Then when you tell the servo to go to position 19 .. it will really go to 171
18 -> 162
17 -> 153
16 -> 144
1 -> 9

You could map it in the inverse way too .. where a large value for servo input produces a small change of movement, it depends on what you need.

Hope this helps,
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