Hi All, 

I'm on the way to discover more of MRL so I'm following the developer steps at this site - http://myrobotlab.org/quick_start
and I was stuck at the import maven step (below screenshot), 
For the Root directory: C:\mrl\eclipse\mrl\myrobotlab
I dont have this path!   ...., on the above steps , my workspace is C:\mrl2\myrobotlab
so I'm confused at where the /pom.xml is....., and how to choose it for this step, 
Please advise, 
Thank you, 

So does that mean I need to do all of this in Linux Ubuntu or something?


I thought mkdir is a linux command, please advise, 

thank you


2 years 7 months ago

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nope mkdir works on Windows MacOS & Linux
it's "make a directory"
The challenge you seem to be having is where you put stuff