I have MRL running with InMoov and I have just added a PIR sensor for wakeup.  It appears to be working correctly but it takes 5 minutes for MRL to put InMoov to sleep. I would like to shorten that time and have the script reset the timer everytime the PIR detects heat.  I tried adding the section [TWEAK] with the HumanPresenceTImeout= .  But no matter what value I set it still takes 5 minutes before it enters sleep mode.

Any suggestions how I can adjust this timeout?


Thank you.




3 years 4 months ago

Ahoy psh,
without looking at the script your using it becomes a bit hard to speculate.
So you want it to go to sleep under 5 min ? But still wake up if the pir triggers ?
Is this correct ?
Can you point me to the script you are using ?  Is it online ?

By default their are a couple of already pre-configured scripts: C_pir.py and sleepMode.py and the only one I am editing: service_C_Pir.config.  On the InMoov site they show a heading [tweak] and underneath a value HumanPresenceTimeout=.  I have modified the script for the connection of the PIR sensor to the left Arduino and it works it goes to sleep after 5min 15sec approx and wakes up when it detects a warm body in front of the sensor.  What I want to do is shorten the time when it sleeps and have it pole the sensor every minute,  Ideally if there is no warm body it should goto sleep after a minute of inactivity.  It is not urgent but I felt this would be a good exercise to start getting a feel for the interaction and interdependancy of the various programs.



Here is a copy of my script service_C_Pir.config:


;—————————– PIR CONFIGURATION —————————————-



;which arduino control pir :




;5 minutes after presence detected



;———————————– END ————————————————–




Gael helped me out on this one. in mrl manticore the PIR sensor time out is no longer in service_c_pir.config it is now in inmovelife.config.  My issue has been resolved thank you Gael!