Hello everyone. First a big compliment for this great platform myrobotlab. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to robotics and programming, but I was able to find my way around very quickly and create my first own gestures. But now I have encountered an insoluble problem for me. I would like Inmoov to do the math in one gesture. How can I tell him the numbers through his ears that he should then calculate? Is there a list with the valid commands such as chatbot.getresponse () and what do they do? I am thankful for every help.
Many greetings


3 years 4 months ago

Hello Pepper and welcome.
"kwatters" is more of a aiml expert than I, but to answer your question, I believe it already should.

A little further explanation would be that InMoov uses the service called ProgramAB (http://myrobotlab.org/service/ProgramAb

ProgramAb's logic is written in aiml and this is what InMoov uses to generate response to what it "hears".

On Nixie version of MyRobotLab we have an improved UI

You can see I asked a bunch of math related questions, and the responses are what I expected.
You can also see the processing of the amil on the left - I think it matches on MATHTERM then MATHFORMULA and finally processes the equation with javascript then returns the answer "250" in the last case.

Hope this helps pepper.

Hello GroG,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I managed to create a math AIML using the pandorabots library. It took a while but in the end it wasn't really that difficult. I thought ..... this morning everything went smoothly. At the moment the system hangs on the third simple addition.
Message in the chatBot window ERROR: NULL RESPONS.
Message in the Java window [Timer-396] [ERROR] Ack not received. Possible data overflow?
To be honest, I'm just as perplexed as two days ago  I'm not currently using the Nixie version, I tried to install it, but it didn't really work. I don't remember exactly what the reason was either. Since I was still in the middle of building Pepper at the time, I didn't want to deal with it as well.
Many greetings