My high school engineering teacher found the inMoov project and decided to let a group of students attempt it. We have printed all parts necessary for both shoulders as well as a single arm (thus far) and have purchased all of the servos necessary and external power source. Now we are looking into the coding more and cannot seem to figure it out.

We are able to upload code to the arduino uno and can run servos individually through the GUI when initialized using the below commands (or similar).

inMoov = Runtime.createAndStart("inMoov", "InMoov")


found here:

All of the necessary GUI tabs open and the services seem to be functioning, however nothing is pre-initialized to set pin numbers on the arduino or in the GUI tabs. We cannot figure out how to control servos simultaneously using methods such as

"inMoov.moveHand("left", 0,0,0,0,0)"


def happy()


As additional information, when we run the code through python, we receive this error hundreds of times.

499589 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO  org.myrobotlab.control.ServoGUI  - controller event null

Can anyone enlighten me as to what it signifies and possibly how to remedy it?

We also looked into the capture gesture method, however we failed to make it work.


We are also experimenting with a ps3eye to eventually incorporate tracking. We are completely lost in this arena. We have plugged in the eye and installed the software required for it. We receive a feed to the ps3eye software however cannot find a way to get a response in MRL.

If you require any further information or know a more direct contact for assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Any assistance would be fantastic. We are running low on time to finish our project as this is our final year in the program.  Thanks in advance!!



11 years 2 months ago

Hello JCInMoov,

I'm sure we can get you up and running quickly.

It sounds like your doing all the right things, If you got servos to run individually that is great !

Now for the stuff that is not working - it usually helps me to get a "No-Worky" log report..

Start MRL (MyRobotLab) up from the beginning - and when something occurs which is not desired, or expected go to menu Help -> About -> GroG, It No Worky button

Here's a detailed explanation with additional fun info ! -

Press it and it will send me a log file - which I will be better able to asses the issues.

The first thought which comes to me is that Gael has not defined a standard pin# interface - which would lead to some confusion.  Send me a report and I'll get to the bottom of things.

Also, just wanted to say I appreciate your clear and detailed questions and will do my best in order for you to get your project done on time !

Best Regards,



11 years 2 months ago

Just a little update, I looked at   "INFO  org.myrobotlab.control.ServoGUI  - controller event null"

This happens when the Servo doesn't know what It's supposed to be attached to.  Specifically, it wants the name of the micro-controller. 

In your case I suspect it should be "left".  Usually this can be remedied by attaching (or re-attaching) the servo in the gui.

Most of this would be caused by unsuccessful initialization, but it's difficult for me to guess what went wrong there without the log file.  

Also if you can post a couple pictures, I'd really like to see what your group is doing !


11 years 2 months ago

We made progreess today as certain things started to function.

I'll provide a better update later. School's firewall makes it difficult to do anything. The grog it no worky file send failed. It gave DOH error. We have to use a proxy to even  access this site.

We can control multiple servos at once and the controller errors are gone, we just don't know why.

Next step is the camera which we are using a ps3eye for.

I'll see what I can manage to keep you up to date.

sorry for any improper english.



11 years 2 months ago

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Glad you made progress!

I understand the issues with the proxy - (how did you do the installs?) - anyway, I'm working on get MRL to work with proxys, its just not ready yet.

Here are a couple of options to get the necessary info to me. Mostly I'll be interested in the log, which is located in the <install directory>/myrobotlab.log

  • you can post a snippet into a comment here - typically around the first ERROR line
  • you can attach it to this post when you re-edit it and go to attachments
  • you can copy paste it to a contact link  -

Thanks for the pictures !

I donated my laptop (with a broken screen,but functioning VGA port for an external monitor) for this project. Before bringing it in I installed all the MRL software and services because i knew of the issues with school network security.

During class tomorrow, we will look into the logs and get that information to you by one or more of the methods above. As of right now, the main error lies in the openCV interface with a ps3eye (we think we cleared out the controller errors).

I'll be sure to include more photos as we continue to move forward.