Taking a break from working on the legs. I have built 3 complete sets of legs, none of which work over the past 1 1/2 years. Have learned a lot about what doesn't work.  The stronger you make them, the heavier they get, bigger motors, UGH!
So I decided to work on a remote control platform using the Raspberry Pi and "rest" my tired brain. 
The platform uses Parallax motors and wheels and is based the design from the Parallax "Eddie Project".
I drew up and laser cut the red base and blue top out of plywood.. 
Drew up and 3D printed the plastic parts that hold the electronic parts for the speakers, Pi, pings, Pi camera, DC-DC regulator, RoboClaw motor controller, ect.
Am learning Python on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Will move the code to MRL at some point, which will give it more intelligence.
The head is 3D printed and has an Arduino Uno controlling the Adafruit neopixel ring to give the head colors and run the eyes. The Uno gets commands from the Pi.
The ping sensors stop forward and rear movement most of the time.
I am using a Wii controller over bluetooth to control it.
see youtube video https---youtu.be-ducvWng8338
having fun building,


5 years 1 month ago

yeah, take a brake!

1 1/2 years look like a long time and seeing success with other projects might bring you back on track

Walking for sure is a difficult subject and being confronted with problems even with controlling my mecanum wheel cart (which so far never has fallen over and rests at peace with empty batteries) I imaging many possible pitfalls waiting for a developer.

I sometimes think of my own project, making my robot able to create a map of the room its in, as never making progress but it still keeps me busy and so far I have never run out of ideas what to improve / do next.