Finaly connected my inmoov thumb up to my servos and got it working.

I designed and printed out a pulley to take the fishing line and it is a press fit onto the metal top of my MG995 servos.

All works great. All fingers will be working tomorrow and I will post a video on youtube tonight.

Video posted.


11 years 1 month ago

Looks great.  What did Gael have previoiusly?  I also noticed in the next video, it looks like you have a Prusa or Prusa V2 ???  I'll be trying to put one together shortly.  Now I know who to ask for all my noobie questions ;)

I created a tip to embedding video here -

It's pretty easy for the future if  you want it formatted like this..


11 years 1 month ago

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Thanks Grog. I saw your video on posting a video. Thats how this one got here.

The previous setup by Gael was a set of servos on the side and stacked on top of each other.

This way is his newer idea and much better. This servo bed sit where the arduino used to be but if you cut away the servo bracket in front of this bed, the arduino will fit there.

Btw. Glad to help with your setup on your 3d printer. Let me know what you need. I have a great supplier of abs at $14 per kilo for the cheapest basic colors. Black, white, etc.. Just ordered some glow in the dark green. That would be a cool printed robot.