Third MRL tutorial -> take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL (speech recognition and Text-to-speech)




This tutorial shows how to take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL...

WARN : There are 3 version of the python script

1) simple one - only take a photo using voice

2) full version - it requires a gmail address-take a photo + send it by email (SEE THE TUTORIAL)

3)full version ITA - for CIX, italian users, or who wants to listen the computer talking in italian :D

Good vision :D


Second MRL tutorial - tracking service with wiring diagram


A tutorial that explain how to use tracking service in MRL...

Python Minimal script


In this PICTURE I USED PIN 3 for X and PIN 11 for Y -> USE 13 FOR X AND 12 FOR Y INSTEAD !!!!!

First MRL Tutorial in ITALIAN...


A tutorial that explain how to install MRL and how to use Arduino and Servo 's services in order to move a servo...

Lucas Kanade Optical Tracking (OpenCV - LKOpticalTrack Filter)

Lucas and Kanade developed an algorithm which allows tracking of object through a video stream.  The algorithm requires less resources and is usually faster in response than many other forms of tracking.  

Pros :

  • low resource
  • quick response time
  • can track many points at once


Using the MRLClient




No additional hardware is needed for this tutorial

The MRLClient is a client adapter which allows other Java programs to interoperate with MyRobotLab.  Although the myrobotlab.jar can be included and used in a Java program directly, it may sometimes be desirable to communicate over the network with an adapter.

The MRLClient jar is a small binary which uses the network to send and recieve messages to a running MyRobotLab instance.  Other network adapters could be created for languages besides Java, but currently only Java is supported.

Connecting an Android Phone to Arduino using Bluetooth


Additional Software

Arduino IDEArduinoSerialBare.PDE, MyRobotLab.apk

  • Smartphone running Android 2.3.3 or later
  • LED
  • 1K resistor
  • Arduino bluetooth board, or Arduino clone with bluetooth module


Legacy Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial #1 (Overview)