Long-term objective: Tutorial

I'm aware it's very demanding... but I sure will appreciate a tutorial covering pretty much everything. Obviously that's a lot of hard work, but that's only a suggestion. Maybe a long-term objective.

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Great Idea Markamas !

I have been meaning to do a tutorial to cover some of the basics.  Your enthusiasm is encouraging.  I'm trying to manage my time between fixing this web site, working on the software, and regular life (work, family, etc)

I will soon be working on a video tutorial and a few examples of what can be done.  It would help me if you could verify that you got a notification for your post.  

Not being an expert in Drupal, I am bumbling around trying to make things work... like notifications.

Also,  please get an Avatar of some sort :)



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First tutorial published



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suggestion--new "robot"

With very little work--basically fixing a few things that are already in MRL--come to think of it, only ONE thing--AFMotorShield.

AFMotorShield supports 4 motors or two stepper motors, two servos, (pan and tilt, for example) and breaks out the 6 analog inputs.  Other pins are unused but not so easy to get to.

With an RF connection  (Not sure how to do that since the AFMotorShield makes it difficult to plug anything else into an Arduino) It could be the basis for a general purpose robot base since the AFMotorShield seems to be the one that gets mentioned whenever motors get mentioned in context with an Arduino.

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Just not done... yet

I still intend to finish the AFMotorsShield, but I will need access to one to finish appropriately.  At the moment I'm still away from the "Lab" so finishing it now would be a bit challenging.

I'm a huge proponent of giving small, not so smart devices (such as the Arduino) the power of communication, enabling them to do very smart things.  I've been working on such a device, which will be extremely inexpensive, capable of bluetooth, and work seemlesly with MRL.  It will be a small wheeled platform with extensibility being one of the primary design considerations.

Since I currently have a AFMotorShield, it will be one of the first things I look at back at the Lab.

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I figured you may already be

I figured you may already be going in that direction, since the services already exist.  It was just a matter of assembling them

into a robot.  The AFMotorShield seems to get mentioned a lot in Arduino circles, even tho there are any number of other perfectly good motor driver boards.