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After I had installed it and was playing around with it, I noticed the API page on your website is down ( ). Also, will there be more documentation or code for microprocessors?

Also, as it happens, I am interested in how to write my own service framework for a Java program. I really like the layout of myRobotLab.  Could you point me to some information on how to write my own service framework like this? Maybe I am mistaken, but it seems easy to add services by just dropping them into the "Third Party" folder.  If I were to write a service for this project, how would I make sure that it would work correctly with the rest of the framework?





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Hello Simple1... and Welcome

Yes, the API doc is temporarily down.  The build process has changed (it has become automated).. and soon it will automatically be posting & updating the docs.  Not quite ready at the moment though.

Yes there will be more documentation for microprocessors.

There is an Arduino PDE for MyRobotLab Master -> Arduino Slave .. It resides here

Writing a new Service could be easy.  Really, it's just copying this file

And adding any public functions to it so other Services can reach them.  The caveate would be, you need to know Java, and preferrably you use Eclipse .  In the near future, a Jython Service will be added with the capability of scripting programs directly in MyRobotLab.

Hope this makes sense to you, if not, let me know and maybe I can try to make more sense out of it.

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The Java Doc is online now

Although, since you are comfortable with Java it might be more relevant just to check out the source and work with it in the IDE

svn checkout myrobotlab-read-only 

Let me know if I can provide assitance. It helps me create better documentation, if someone new to MRL provides feeback regarding what is lacking.