Using OpenCV service

Hi. I want to use  the openCV service with an imagen from hard disk. How can I do this? I only have the option to take it from a webcam.


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Hello and Welcome

This will be an option very shortly, including the ability to save processed images to file. The gui is being reworked to provide much more functionality and control.

What type of image or file are you interested in proccessing? Avi? Jpegs? Can you tell us a little bit about yor project and what you hope to accomplish? Please let us know if you received a subscription notification alerting you that your forum post was replied to.

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How to use JPG image

Hi GroG,

I'd like to use a jpg image (or other format) instead of webcam as input to opencv service, because I'd like to test some filters on still images captured with other device. How this could be reached ?



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Hi Cix, MRL can "now" process

Hi Cix,

MRL can "now" process still images - this should be easy to do...
Just load an OpenCV service, and put in the path to your file .. In this example I'm using a .PNG, but .JPG should work too..

You'll need the latest "complete release"  @

Once you have set a file location - press capture and you should see the image, from that point you may use the filters just as they are used to process a video stream.

Let me know if it works for you.  And if it does, you should change your avatar ... since you will no longer be a scared gopher ! :D

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Hi GroG, I followed your

Hi GroG,

I followed your instructions but it doesn't work (sigh!).

I'm using Win7.... this evening (Italian time) I'll try on WinXP.... I'll let you know....

Bye GroG, see you later



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But you changed your Avatar

But you changed your Avatar !!!  This is good :D

Ok, whenever something doesn't work... it usually helps me a lot if you can send the log file.  This can be done like this .

Help -> About ->GroG, it "no-worky" !

Let me know if you have more troubles

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Hi GroG, I've just sent to

Hi GroG,

I've just sent to you the log file.

My avatar is a photo of a small italian toy robot sold in '90. I purchased it in a flea market and I'd like to use it in my project

Bye, Cix

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  Thanks, with the help of


Thanks, with the help of the log file, I found the issue...
Unfortunately (?) - there is now a dependency from OpenCV to OpenNI (kinect stuff).
I have fixed this so that subsequent "installs" of the OpenCV service will auto-magically install OpenNI...
You can simply fix your installation by Installing the GestureRecognition or PointCloud - both of these have OpenNI as a dependency and it will get installed, and allow OpenCV to work correctly.
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Hi GroG, I'm trying on winxp

Hi GroG,

I'm trying on winxp now, and MRL still don't work.

I've connected a logitech usb webcam and nothing appear: the webcam led is off and the video widget in OpenCVGui show the MRL logo. The still image also don't work.

I've sent again to you the log file; please, help me to resolve the problem

Bye, Cix


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Different error ...

Different error ... Grrr...
I'll have to put together a 32 bit Windows virtual machine to see whats going on..

I have a feeling that some dependencies are no being met, and I'll have to re-compile it all again.

Thanks for the help, I'll keep you updated...

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Hi Cix

I've made a new build of opencv for all 7 platforms, this includes which covers both your systems.

It should work for you now ..

"should" ..  as in I don't have a machine available to test - BUT, I will be able to test on one later today

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Hi GroG, thank you very much.

Hi GroG,

thank you very much. I've already tested the new version but unfortunatly MRL still doesn't work. I've seen this error into log file: .....AppData\Local\Temp\javacpp24986360054324\jniopencv_core.dll: Can't find dependent libraries 

Keep in mind that I haven't installed Eclipse... perhaps this could be the problem ?



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Grrrr !

No Eclipse is not necessary - something else is going wrong..

Remember, whenever something is mis-behaving go for the "no-worky" button - it helps turn-around time.


It should help me considerably when I can test on an XP machine..


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GroG, I've missed to teel you

GroG, I've missed to teel you that I've tested on Win7... later I'll test on WinXP also

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Success.. the last missing piece ?

Microsoft's MSVCRT10.dll - I don't understand why Microsoft does not consider these system files ... Grrr..

Well, I could include the binaries in the repo then, if they aren't going to help anyone out - 

Here's a post on stack overflow which describes some of the details -

And here is a link to the MSVCRT 2010 redistributables -

Hopefully Cix will post a picture of his success.

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Hi GroG, as you suggested to

Hi GroG,

as you suggested to me, I've installed this from microsoft - and both the still image and the webcam now work

below a screenshot of my living room... probably I have to adjust the image resolution, because the window isn't correctly drawed

Thank you for your effort

Bye, Cix




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Well Done !

What's next - playing with filters ?  Adding a pan / tilt kit ?  Controlling it with voice recognition ?  - getting it to talk back to you, in Italian? :)