I dont from where to start because i am facing so many problems. 

I am unable to communicate with my both Zigbee modules.

I am using arduino mega 2560 board and trying to make a line follower, obstacle avoider and object follower.

In the sensors i am trying to use CMOS camera ( 20 pin image sensor) but i dont know how to connect with my arduino mega 2560 board cause i dont know the pin configuration of it. 

Please help me with my zigbee problem and CMOS camera problem from the very basic.

advance thanx !!!!


10 years 5 months ago

From what are you connecting to when your trying to communicate with the Zigbee modules ?  
Are you trying to communicat from one one 2560 board to another?

I have never seen someone successfully connect a 20  pin CMOS camera to a arduino.  The amount of data 640 * 480 *3 = 921,500 x 20 frames per second is 18 Megs per second which is way to much in speed & memory of any Arduino.  The cameras are typically used on ARM-7 processors (ie smartphones)

If you mostly want a line follower robot, I would suggest using IR transmitter/receivers - Like this - http://letsmakerobots.com/node/28981

If your main object is to control it by the Zigbee you'll need to give more information regarding how it's currently hooked up and what you are controlling from (e.g. another arduino, a computer, other...)

If your goal is to do computer vision, then you might consider a IP camera and process the video on a computer.

Hope this helps.