YoYo actuator

Here is what I drew a few weeks ago. I didn't try to built it because I thought I would buy standard linear actuators at a very low price. Turns out the actuators are too slow and if I get faster one the decrease rapidly in torque.

So maybe my drawing will be used after all.

I need a actuator with linear movement of 100mm

a force Nm of about 900 to 1500

The speed should be at least 30 to 40mm/s

The complete size has to be small, about 23 to 26cm when extended Max.

It should be 3D printable or at least builded with standard tools and items, No machinery required.

The motors can turn at about 30000 turn per minute, so I think it should be possible to get something done.


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Oh, dude! For some time I'm thinking about a linear actuator, something different and efficient... and now you gives us this great thing! Great solution, interesting thing. Can I try something with your design?

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Let me know what you try, if

Let me know what you try, if we get something worky for InMoov in the specs required it would be nice.

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OK. Have you seen this...

Have you seen this http://letsmakerobots.com/content/linear-servo-actuator-gm-gear-motor-ve... ?

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+1 that

Hmmm Looks Familiar ...

I can Guarantee it works @ 30-Newtons and would be easy to parallel two together...

The one you see in my post only uses 1/3 of the Feedback Potentiometer.... so room for spare expansion.

Specs :-
Stroke :- Above model 45mm  .... actually should in theory hit  135mm with longer bits.
Speed :- Circa 1cm/sec using a 2 cell Lipo battery
Force :- Easily 30N (my kitchen scale max_ed out so could not measure over 3Kg)

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Amby suggested this for

Amby suggested this for possible ideas...

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Reposted this from Roberto's

Reposted this from Roberto's Autonomous InMoov post - Impressive speed .. love to see this thing run .. of course these are not servos by any means.. 

It shows the speed necessary of the limbs to make a fast continuous gate - also the suspension (not rigid)

And little dog - one of the most rigid locomotion from Boston Dynamics - although even this has springs !!