Xmpp now with Xmpp Server @myrobotlab.org !

This was just a quick test of the new Xmpp server running @ myrobotlab.org.
I tried the service with Google, and they now do not accept connections Booo ! :(
But  I am currently running an Xmpp server which allows the Xmpp MRL service to connect and send/recieve messages.

One of the biggest bonuses regarding Xmpp is that it will traverse NATs. This means your robot can be on one network (e.g. home) and you can be on a completely different one (e.g. work with mobile network) - and you can communicate just fine with one another.  Sending updates & commands :)

Who wants to join !  Tell me your mrl login name & the robot names you want to communicate with and I'll add them to the Xmpp server.

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Good job! I want to join

Grog better than WhatsApp and other, I want to join, my mrl login name is Papaouitai and the robot name is Sonny. Thanks ;)

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Sure, So - you'll need

So - you'll need - 1.0.1071 , because there were a few parts in Xmpp which required changes since it was originally designed to be used with Google's hangout (which no longer works)

Another thing you'll need is an Xmpp client for your phone.. I use Xabber

And/Or a Xmpp client

When this is setup and your robot is using the Xmpp service you should be able to send messages to and  get messages from your robot.

In order to have some way to organize this I created 2 account for you on the Xmpp server
One is your username @ MRL for  you

The other is for your robot Sonny :


This is how I setup an account named 'Test01' in Pidgin

Let me know if you have any problems..  

I'll update the Xmpp script so you know what to do is Python...

#file : service/Xmpp.py edit raw
# simple script to show how to send a message to and recieve a message from
# using a robot with the Xmpp service 

# create an xmpp service
xmpp = Runtime.createAndStart("xmpp","Xmpp")

# adds the python service as a listener for messages

# there is a big list of different xmpp/jabber servers out there
# but we will connect to the big one - since that is where our robots account is
xmpp.connect("talk.google.com", 5222, "robot01@myrobotlab.org", "xxxxxxx")

# gets list of all the robots friends
print xmpp.getRoster()

# set your online status
xmpp.setStatus(True, "online all the time")

# add auditors you want this robot to chat with
# auditors can issue commands and will be notified of 
# commands being sent by others and what those commands return
xmpp.addAuditor("Joe Smith")
xmpp.addAuditor("Jane Smith")

# send a message
xmpp.sendMessage("hello this is robot01 - the current heatbed temperature is 40 degrees celcius", "Joe Smith")

def publishMessage():
	msg = msg_xmpp_publishMessage.data[0]
	print msg.getFrom(), " says " , msg.getBody()

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I've two question: - If one

I've two question:

- If one day will need to change passwords is it possible?

-  I try script and I've some problem, I solved something but I have left only one, the function publishMessage doesn't work and I tried to change Java code and I made some error, now I return to original code.

Thanks !

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Hi Papa ! Yes it will be

Hi Papa !

Yes it will be possible to change passwords, I'm not sure how you do it, but we will figure it out.

Yes, it needs refactoring, its on my list as soon as I fix up the Arduino sharing problem.  
I'm very interested in getting this service working again.  It was fun in the past, and I think if its improved it will be very useful.

I just need a little time to get to it, I'm excited you are excited ! :)