XMPP a little closer

Bi-directional Worky !  Heh, its not the fastest either, but it IS working :)
And a HUGE amount of refactoring was done.
Refactoring is cutting away the garbage..  evolving, cleaning optimizing

see look how much faster it goes ! :D
All changes are necessary for the next piece:

Hello Mr. Security !  
Oooh, and I figured out what MRL's DNA was an acyronym for

"DNA"  == Description of Neighboring Automata

Above are some results from a mrl messages over xmpp.  These are two different mrl instances.. they could be running behind a NAT or firewall, and they would still be able to communicate with one another.  The back one has just registered its services with the front.  It's not fully bi-directional, but that should be fixed soon.

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Yay... XMPP potential is very

Yay... XMPP potential is very BIG... can t wait to Connect to my robot using an easy and secure remote connection... We Will not need portforwarding anymore!!