Xmpp gets refactored

Not checked in yet - but its showing promise ..
Xmpp is very nice in the sense its a protocol which will allow connections over challenging obstacles.
Like NATs  (Network Address Translation) - most people have this on their local network at home (or in the office) where devices are not connected directly to the internet.

But with NAT tranversalling, which Xmpp can do - you can connect one InMoov to another and connect those to phones.

What I plan to do is this :

Human talks --> InMoov relays what it hears ---->  (sends message to another InMoov using Xmpp)  ---> Another InMoov processes request --> speaks to Human

So end to end is human and InMoovs are working a little like a telephone, but its more than that, where any sort of messaging can be done - for example .. doing a call out to a friend when ProgramAB does not know the answer ...   lots of potential ..

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Do you have enough tab open

Do you have enough tab open in your browser ? lol !

So, message can be posture ? With this, the robot can act as a clone of the human using a kinect !

it could be a lot better than this :

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Its like this :Human A ---->

Its like this :

Human A ----> Personal Assistant A --------> Personal Assistant B ----> Human B

and since the Personal Assistant (or InMoov or ProgramAB) is in the direct line of communication - there can be a form of "training" while the communication is going ...

Heh for example if Human A asks "Where is Human B" ,
         Personal Assistant B might know the GPS location, but Human B may say "At Home",
         In that case Personal Assistant B now knows that "Home is at GPS location X, Y"
         and can share that                with everyone else.    One of many scary examples 


You don't need a gazillion tabs with the new webgui.