Willie is O K!!

   Ta Da!!


  I put willie back together this morning. His arm wen't just fine. I printed one of the adjustable (rotatable), square potentiometer holders and used it. That had it's own issues of course, (freaking itty bitty screws), but after having replaced the shoulder drive gear and reinforced it with washers and epoxy to keep them from wanting to pull through the thin material of the cylinder and a few other minor non-standard modifications his right arm is hanging properly now and seems to be working well also.

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    So here is Willie



So here is Willie standing on his own two feet without that stick up his butt. He gets a little woozy so I will giv him a strut to lean on later in the week.

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A very nice build MikeG :)

A very nice build MikeG :)

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Great progress!! No PIR

Great progress!!

No PIR sensor? It allows InMoov to go to sleep when you are not around.

Without the PIR, you never know what he will do in your basement when you are away...