At first I only knows the situation under Linux and have written the changes of the files in

It creates some bash-scripts for Windows and Unix (depending on which system you running it), to start the Runtime and the GUIService.

Then I tested it on Linux and on Windows. And wondered, that on Windows the GUIService already starts, after myrobotlab.jar was startet.

I think the Runtime-script have still its right to exist. But the Windows version of the generated script possibly not. If you want, then try my changes out.





8 years 1 month ago

Hello theuserbl and Welcome !

Thanks for the updates, I'm looking into them now.  I appreciate your interest and work in this area.  I am new to Git & GitHub so this is the first "pulll request" I've seen.  

At this point I've pulled down your zip file and I am looking into the details.  I can see you put a lot of work into it, and its nice to have someone try to fix a problem in MRL.  Yay !

With that said, I'm not too keen on generating a shell / batch files for the creation of a new process.  The reasons are 2 fold :

1. I've gone to some effort to remove shell/batch files which were originally checked into previous versions
2. There is the possiblity for more control of a process if its created directly from another JVM - if shell/batch files are used - this handle is lost.  In the future I have envisioned a possible bootstrap Agent (a minimal jvm instance) which monitors, starts & stops MRL - this will alleviate zombies, and allow users to control the number of MRL instances on a machine.

But I am excited about your interest on getting MRL running on Linux again (it was born there) :)

Starting a Linux box now....


8 years 1 month ago

This has been fixed in version 1.0.40

you just need to do this...

java -jar myrobotlab.jar