Who let the smoke out, who, who, who, who???

Did I do that?


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So sorry for your loss

So sorry for your loss wkinne,

hopefully he didn't suffer too much.  Well, you know the secret now - little blue smoke lives inside the magic green boards.. and sometimes - it escapes and its very hard to get the smoke back into the boards.

Seriously, I realize it might be helpful to make a "Safe Robotics" post... sorry I didn't realize this before your servo met its tragic end.. but feel assured, I have had the same experience many times myself.

I'll add it to my TODO list....

Hopefuly this won't slow you down on your amazing progresss...

P.S. - start with small steps ...
small steps for InMoov would be just start with an Arduino service and a single Servo service - connect them up to the "real" servo your interested in.   See where the range exists as you move the MRL Servo from 0 to 180 - you will then be able to correlate the position of the real servo and how it was mounted.

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Hopefuly this won't slow you

Hopefuly this won't slow you down on your amazing progresss...



You could not be so lucky ;-P

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That stinks!

I saw you say that you have a spare 805bb. It would help a lot if you documented your process for taking it apart.  You suggested unsoldering the motor rather than trying to pull it out.  I'm sure that would be helpful to see.  A video would be good but even a series of still photos at key stages would be good too.

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I did video the process but

I did video the process but have been unable to get the 30 minute video off my iPad. I even bought a $2.99 app that was voted best but it has failed at least ten times, but I will keep trying


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What actually smoked?

Can you tell what burned out on the board and is it something that can be repaired even if it's not a pretty fix?